Market Research Report Chinese Mobile Market Review Key Issues in Late 2008 And Outlook For 2009

Executive SummaryMobile subscribers in China surpassed 600 million in June 2008, and there is no sign that the growth will stop. In other words, about 150 million new users have subscribed to the service for only one and a half years since December 2006, when the total figure reached 450 million.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced that the mobile users in China amount to 627 million as of October 2008, while the average net subscriber addition a month posts 8 million until October 2008. By 2020, the total number is expected to surpass 1 billion.Accordingly, mobile users in China will be 640 million at the end of 2008. At this juncture, ROA Holdings identifies key issues of the Chinese mobile market in late 2008 and provides an outlook for 2009.Table of Contents :Executive Summary1. Continuing Surges in Mobile Subscribers 1.1. Mobile Penetration Rate and Users by Provinces in 2008 1.2. Subscriber Growth in 20082. Key Issues in Late 2008 and Outlook for 2009 2.1. Beijing Olympics and Pilot Service of TD-SCDMA 2.2. Controversy over Mobile TV Standardization and Existing Black Mobile Market 2.3. Telecommunications Market Restructuring and Issuance of 3G LicensesGlossaryList of Figures[Figure 1] Mobile Users by Provinces in October 2008 [Figure 2] Mobile Subscribers in China (January - October, 2008) [Figure 3] Locations of Ten TD-SCDMA Pilot Cities in China [Figure 4] Restructuring Flow and CEOs by CompaniesList of Tables[Table 1] Mobile Users and Penetration Rates of Provinces in October 2008 [Table 2] Ten TD-SCDMA Pilot Cities and Infrastructure ProvidersFor more information, please visit :Contact: Sanaa.918149 852585Tel. No. +912227453309Email:jenniffer@URL: